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Make sure you understand and follow these steps:


  1. You should have received a job description with the service address. If not, please send an email to support@trashwarrior.com

  2. Please reply to the job description email with a "yes", and send us the following: your email, phone number, and paypal/ venmo account. 

  3. If your job requires in person contact with the client, we will inform you the client's phone number, usually in a group message. 


  1. Arrive at the client site on time. You usually have an hour of time window to arrive (e.g, arrive between 4 PM and 5 PM). In this example, please do not start before 3:30 PM or after 5 PM - if you really have to do that, please inform the client as well as Trash Warrior by text message ahead of time. Our phone number is 415-304-8171. 

  2. Take a few before and after pictures. This step is important, this is the ONLY way we can confirm the job is completed and pay you. 

  3. If the client requests a lot of additional work out of scope during the job (eg., have much more items to haul than the task description), please inform the client s/he can go through a new booking. Please NEVER negotiate a price on the spot and receive cash payment - Negotiating new scope and price usually leads to client complaint later. We cannot work with you if you receive such complaints. Please do not risk your reputation. 

  4. If you get into difficult situations you cannot handle, you do not have to finish the task. In that case, please call us. Our phone number is 415-304-8171. If we do not pick up the call, please text us with a description of your situation. 


  1. When the job is complete, send the pictures to the same email thread where you got initially assigned. 

  2. We will review the pictures and send the payment directly to your Paypal or Venmo account. You will not expect any payment from the client.


If you are having any problems during the service, send us an email to support@trashwarrior.com, and we will assist you immediately.