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As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to evolve, we want to inform you that Trash Warrior is still operational and look forward to serving you. 

We have also informed our Warriors (service providers) to take the following precautions during this time:

  • Practice good hygiene practices, including proper and frequent hand washing

  • Use hand sanitizer as an additional step, and use disinfecting wipes in our trucks on all high touch surfaces

  • Avoid taking tasks and withdraw from tasks if not working if they’re feeling unwell

  • Follow government guidelines for self-quarantine should a Warrior come into close contact with anyone with COVID-19 or if they contract it themselves or if they recently returned from a high-risk country

  • Stop the practice of shaking customers hands and replace it with a smile instead

Here is what you can do to help:

  • Do not schedule a booking if you are unwell

  • Reschedule or cancel your booking at no extra charge if you feel unwell

  • Greet us with a smile instead of a handshake

  • When making an appointment, you may request to have your junk picked up outside of the property or in a location without direct contact (i.e. garage or carport) 

Your wellbeing and our Warriors’ wellbeing have always been our priority. Our customer support representatives are here to help you answer questions at 415-304-8171 or through email at support@trashwarrior.com. To make a booking, please visit https://www.trashwarrior.com/book-now.